A Body of Believers A New Direction

This new year I have garnered the courage to step beyond the garden gates and share the greater world in which I live. I hope all who join my journey find life as interesting as I

A Body of Believers

The sanctuary at St John's

A unifying pattern of belief

Stained glass window

Woven together in community

Butterfly on Alter cloth

Celebrated in joyous sound

Pipe organ at St John's

and mystical revelations

Celebrating Christmas

Symbolic representations of a greater truth

Stained Glass window 2

Meant to inspire those within

Cross at St. John's

Click on the link below to learn more about this amazing church and its mission

St John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Stained Glass reflection

 Easton PA opens its doors to a myriad of local sub-communities and groups seeking support and collaboration.  I am a part of one of these groups.


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