Last of the Autumn Flowers


DSCN7677 Self-seeded Daisy mum DSCN7742North winds blew into the valley bringing with it a light blanket of snow

First snow the pottong shed November 2014

Days before I knew the autumnal freeze was coming

Brass cranes hidden in aylssum blossoms 

I found myself drawn to the gardens seeking out the last of the autumn flowers

Spiderwort flower

I found some standing tall

Cone flower - Echinacea

Others demure cloaked in leaves

Self-seeded violas in the lower gardens
  The colors mimicked the rainbow

 Memories until next year

Fiirst snow November 2014


9 thoughts on “Last of the Autumn Flowers

  1. You had some very pretty lingerers who were reluctant to leave the garden party. Their reward was to have their picture snapped and shared with the world.

  2. Love them! I, too, had a few that were holding on. But none so beautiful as yours, Bonnie. I found it very curious that a Shasta daisy ‘Becky’ bloomed and was still not frozen out yesterday. Mother Nature is quite funny with her selections. 🙂

    1. That’s unusual. I often find myself jealous of the profusion of flowers you are growing in your gardens! This morning the temperature is 14 degreesF, but I am holding out hope. This Monday it should reach 60!

      1. My husband just told me we set a record for the lowest high fir thus date ever. Buffalo New York on the Great Lake Erie has now had 6 feet 4 inches of snow and expecting more tonight. So is there no climate change? Lol

  3. Bonnie,
    You have such a great “eye” for good photo opportunities!!! You must have a really good portfolio of wonderful shots by now….maybe a book someday??? Keep up the great work! I have a personal interest in all the shots around the farm!!!


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