Maize Gold Buttercup – Shades of Yellow

As the rays of the midday sun-kissed the earth flowers stretched towards the cosmos

All were equal under the sun

Bumblrbee on self-seeded sunflower

As twilight overtook the gardens shadows elongated and colors began to compete for attention

Self-seeded portulaca flowers

One particular evening shades of yellow monopolized my sense of sight

Daylilies by the labyrinth

And drew insects both beneficial and destructive to petals sporting the color

Katydid on daylily flower

Japanese beetle on calendula flower



6 thoughts on “Maize Gold Buttercup – Shades of Yellow

  1. I think I must have been a bee in a previous life. I am always drawn to shades of yellow in the garden, as if it were a powerful drug taking control over me. Love this, Bonnie!

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