The Beautiful Edible Garden

Harvesting  fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden and creating amazing culinary dishes has become a daily event in our home.

Gill and thyme at entrance to potting shed
Dill, thyme and Blue lobelia at the base of sunflowers and lilies

It began with the radishes and mescaline

French Breakfast radishes
French Breakfast radishes from Burpee seeds
Mesclun mix
Mesclun Sweet Salad Mix from Burpee

And had now encompassed snow peas, cauliflower and string beans.

Snow pea blossoms with potting shed in background
Snow pea blossoms with potting shed in background
Cauliflower blossom
Cauliflower blossom

Soon the heirloom tomatoes will be bursting with flavor and peppers will be stuffed with cream and mozzarella cheese.

Heirloom tomato Blue Beauty
Heirloom tomato Blue Beauty after a morning rain

Container gardens adorn the back deck some filled with parsley, rosemary red leaf lettuce and violas!

Container garden filled with parsley, rosemary and violas
Container garden filled with parsley, rosemary and violas

My dream is to double the size of the garden next year but alas, until work hours are eliminated an expansion of two or three feet will have to suffice! 

Terraced vegetable garden
Terraced vegetable garden with red beets in front and pass-along onions behind Chili and small red stuffing peppers in the containers next to the blue lobelia
Terraced vegetable garden
An early spring view of the garden. Today the vegetable plants are so large the terraced effect disappears

16 thoughts on “The Beautiful Edible Garden

    1. I had the good fortune to go to a Garden Faire hosted by the Heirloom Seed Society of Pennsylvania. There was a local high school Future Farmers club who cultivate heirloom tomato seedlings to sell as their fund raiser. They shared that due to our extremely cold winter mice chewed their way into the green house and destroyed a quarter of their crop.

  1. Your picture of your heirloom blue beauty tomatoes was so beautiful that I had to go off on a google image search to see other photos.Even after a fair amount of scrolling,nothing compares to the one you just posted. It is sublime!

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