Climate Change and the Garden

As I was scrolling down my Facebook page a post caught my attention 

These Maps Show How Many Brutally Hot Days You Will Suffer When You’re Old

So I clicked on it and began reading.  The last series of maps in the article took my breath away.  IF we do not change our current path our grandchildren will see economic collapse and their grandchildren who live in the eastern part of the United States will not be able to live outside for over a third of the year.  In less than 200 years we will have created a future that science fiction writers have envisioned.

Another compelling chart from the report is the one below, which shows the number of days per year when the heat and humidity are too high for humans to be safely outside.

From Mother Jones, article by Tim McDonnell


So what does this have to do with gardening?

Clematis flower

I am a future thinker, the N in the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.  I may exist in the present but all my efforts are created for the future. Present time thinkers or the S,  find it difficult to wrap their minds around the sadness I feel when I walk through the gardens.  I know nothing is permanent.  Perhaps this is why I have a strong desire to share the beauty and serenity that is the garden. We protect what we know and love Let us encourage everyone we know to go out and create their own connection to their Mother Earth.

Bowling Ball pyramid with hostas



6 thoughts on “Climate Change and the Garden

  1. It’s interesting that they can’t tell us how many brutally hot days we’ll have this year yet they claim to know the number of brutally hot days we’ll have in two hundred years. Did they get this information at a seance?

  2. Bonnie, I admit that I have very conflicted feelings about the subject of potentially catastrophic man made global warming. The several times that I have driven cross country, I have been struck by the dramatic land formations in some parts of the country. When you look up up the history on why mountains and gorges are in existence, it will often mention that giant glaciers moved earth mass around. Well, obviously, those giant glaciers are not still in the lower 48 states so things were once very cold but then warmed up so much as to melt them off. All this happened without any impact from humans. The climate is a vastly complicated science and probably hugely influenced by cycles of the sun that scientists haven’t scratched the surface of understanding.also. I like to consider myself an “open minder” ….rather than one of those mocked by passionate believers as a “denier”. I try to be frugal about when and where I drive and probably have a much smaller carbon footprint than those who fly around the world to preach about man made global warning. I get confused when I don’t see consistent behavior from those who say they care the most.

    1. If you have the chance watch the documentary, Chasing Ice, yes the earth grows and changes, but we are the first species that have actually changed the earth and the environment dans, roads, chemicals plastic “islands” floating in the oceans makes you think …

      1. Found the video and will give it a watch when I have a free window of time. Like I said, I am conflicted on this subject and try to educate myself about both sides of the argument. thanks.

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