The Dilemma Of a Wildlife Photographer

Garter snake and American toad

In this heaven on earth, earth is the focus today. We are not corporeal creatures floating peacefully in some nether region. We are tied to this world into which we were born. We need sustenance to live and grow. To interrupt the cycle of life is to play God.

The beauty  of creation was the focus of my last post.  Today we see the reality of sustaining life.  We do not eat most of our food alive.  It is killed, cleaned and packed. Other creatures do not have this luxury.  This chance encounter has put into perspective the reality of the cycle of life for me.

Eastern Garter snake American toad


8 thoughts on “The Dilemma Of a Wildlife Photographer

  1. OMG. What a capture. My emotions in seeing it are so mixed. As a huge animal lover I’m feeling so sorry for the frog. But it is part of nature…something that happens every day. We just don’t witness it most of the time.

  2. Oh Bonnie, how awful and amazing at the same time. The close-up is gruesome, but that is nature for you. I’m not sure if I would wantto see this myself as I would probably want to rescue the poor toad!

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