Glorious Gardens

What is heaven?  Being raised in a culture  where we were taught all good people go to heaven, as a child I often visualized what my heaven would look like.  For years I thought it would be an expansive beach.  I would walk along the water’s edge picking up broken shells and putting them back together. 

Lover's Key  State Park Fort Myers Beach Florida

But as I’ve aged I now believe I have found heaven on earth. 

Bearded Iris and the Dreamer at the Labyrinth

It is a place where I toil from morning to evening co-creating a living canvas. 

Newest gardens at Labyrinth

Colors blend, creatures thrive and happiness abounds.

Pink Columbine and Wine and Roses Weigela
Pink Columbine and Wine and Roses Weigela


Jacob's Ladder flower


21 thoughts on “Glorious Gardens

  1. When I was little, I visualised Heaven as a constant supply of paper, paints and crayons! Now, I quite agree, gardens can be heavenly places .. and yours is so lovely!

  2. I only needed to read the first few words of your post – what is heaven? The answer was immediately – it’s in Bonnie’s garden! Really beautiful Bonnie. 🙂 Smiles and happiness just to look at pictures of your heavenly creation first thing on a Monday morning.

      1. A corner of heaven, indeed. We are having a late, but nice spring, here in southern Ontario. Some winter damage, but to be expected after a harsh winter in Canada. What region are you in and does that mean you can plant all sorts of things?

      2. I live in the Lehigh Valley in eastern Pennsylvania about 60 miles west of NYC and 70 miles north of Philly it’s zone 6B and yes I had a lot of winter damage too. Last winter was the 4th snowiest winter on record. So glad it’s over!

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