Spring Has Come – Or has it?


From Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

I had heard it suggested one time that the seasons in the temperate zone ought to be six rather than four in number: summer, autumn, locking, winter, unlocking, and spring. And I remembered that as I straightened up beside our manhole and stared and listened and sniffed.

Fritillaria FlowerTulip bud

For those who follow the cycle of life at the gardens of Valley View you have witnessed the Unlocking. Winter Aconite have bloomed and gone to seed. Glory of the Snow and Siberian Squill bring sky color to earth. We all thought Spring had arrived bur Gaia had other plans.  The Unlocking is still in process.  We have yet to cycle into Spring.  The past two nights temperatures dropped into the 20’s and the night before last Gaia added another blanket of white. Perhaps this weekend she will allow Spring to stay.

Spring Snow


6 thoughts on “Spring Has Come – Or has it?

  1. Oh, I love love love love love loveeeee that snowy night-picture! It looks like Narnia and it makes me dream of beautiful things and magical lands! 🙂

  2. Love it! I was quite displeased with Mother Nature these last two days. However, her subjects are tougher than I thought and appear that they will survive and greet me with blooms after all. Perhaps her Unlocking is her way of teasing us or teaching us patience?

  3. It has been an odd spring even here in Houston . My lemons bloomed a month later than the last several years and the strawberries were also delayed a month! I hope the stays unlocked for you now!

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