The Honey Bee and The Snowdrop

Many gardeners know the plight of the European honey bee – Colony collapse disorder,  workers disappear and the hive soon dies out. Many theories have been suggested and studies have been undertaken to try to understand the dynamics of this disorder.

But what can the backyard gardener do short of taking up beekeeping?  A PBS article Nature gives many suggestions including planting flowers that bloom successively. Check out the article here Silence of the Bees.

Honey Bee and Snowdrop

So our heralds of spring not only help us recover from the Winter Blues they help our pollinators live on.

Honey Bee and Snow Drop - 2

Be sure to plant an array of nectar flowers that begin to bloom once Gaia is warmed by the rays of the sun until she pulls her white blanket tight around her body once again.

Snow Drop

Honey Bee and Snow Drop - 3


16 thoughts on “The Honey Bee and The Snowdrop

  1. Ooooh, I adore snow drops!! I have a poem about them, can I share it with you? Here it goes:

    The snowdrop

    A tiny little snowdrop
    Popped his little head up
    From underneath the snowy ground
    He fought his way through King Winter’s crown.

    The fairies cheered encouragements
    And up, and up, our soldier went

    Inspired by his bravery
    King Winter stepped aside so he
    Could raise his snow white head up
    Long before the buttercups
    Even dared to dream of such

    For spring was sleeping soundly still
    Not knowing of the iron will
    Displayed by her smallest flower child
    Who could not wait for weather mild
    To reach towards the pale blue sky
    And raise his tiny head up high

    If you don’t like it you can just delete it. 🙂

  2. I continue to be amazed by your talents, Bonnie. Your words are so beautiful – as are your gardens and photographs. Again I am smiling on this ridculously cold Monday morning 3 days before spring begins. Thank-you. 🙂

  3. Those close-ups of the bees are stunning. So important to remind everyone to put the bees first. We have a pussy willow tree in full bloom, but so few bees this year, even though there are meadows and fruit trees all around us.

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