Calling Friends, Artists and All Onlookers

One quiet winter afternoon I was looking for one more thing to do as the ice and snow had continued to hold me captive inside.

Bank Barn in Winter

I had never googled my blog so I thought this might be an interesting activity.  Photos I had posted during the last three years filled the screen.  Then a painting appeared. I thought I recognized it.  Intrigued I clicked on the photo and discovered a post dated April 16, 2012 by Maria Zarif.  I was so honored that someone had chosen a photograph I had taken to use as a catalyst for her inspiration!

I share that photo, a link to her post and her painting.

Red Tulip 2

The Beat

And then I had an idea.  I want to ask friends, artists and all onlookers who stop by this blog to take a moment from their busy schedule to choose a photo and create!  Have fun, don’t get bogged down in the details, just create! I would like to ask you to please stop back and share your creation!

I might even give it a go!

As a post script watercolors I had created more than 3 decades ago I honored by taking photos of in their new incarnation.         As I shared earlier don’t worry about the details

Paintings and Portraits



10 thoughts on “Calling Friends, Artists and All Onlookers

  1. I love the watercolor! To second your daughter, take up painting again! I am also getting through the long PA winter and have been working on an oil of one of your orchid photographs as inspiration! I’d love to send it to you if I have your email. don’t know how to attach it to this…keep inspiring your readers! Johanne Lamarche

  2. Hi Bonnie I finished the oil painting inspired by one of your stunning bearded iris photographs. It is 11 X 14 inches. Thank you for the inspiration! You can post it on your blog. Johanne Lamarche Can I please have an email to send it to? Thanks!

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