Good Morning World!

It’s March 4th  and it’s zero outside.  The snow is slowly melting and  what little has been revealed of the gardens has been decimated by foraging deer.

We know this cannot last forever.   Positive thoughts of warmer days, blue skies and green grass will soon be overshadowed by a greater reality.

View from my bedroom windowBut for now, I am doing what I can only guess many others in the northern latitudes are doing – looking to the past to remember what was once our refuge


Deciduous Azaleas Northern Lights

Northern Lights Azalea

Azalea in spring


13 thoughts on “Good Morning World!

  1. Those are some vibrantly colorful images to look back on and have on record to look forward to. We’re definitely getting close to the end of this tunnel called the winter of 2014. “Goodbye…good riddance and hello spring.”…I say optimistically!

  2. Thank you for the calming morning comfort and smiles that your garden brings, Bonnie. Just beautiful. 🙂

  3. Our experience with what we know about our little slice of the world pales in comparison to the variation that has occurred in the past….what is unusual for our lifetime gets swallowed up into the variations that have been seen in the past and those yet to come.

  4. I can’t imagine what it is like there when you get winters like you do Bonnie, I imagine it must be hard too because you wouldn’t really be able to garden this time of year either would you? Summer is very hard here for gardening.

    1. Ahh but without the snow I create new gardens and work on the hardscaping. I clean up leaves and brush. It takes more than a month without growth to get the gardens ready. This year I fear I am already behind.

      1. Because of my job I need to have an outlet where on my days off I can work til I drop. It’s hard for me to turn my brain off. Also with empowerment counseling the counselor has no control lol! I like the control I have in completing tasks in the garden. Not being able to control anything is maddening!

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