Not in My Garden

As beautiful as these elusive creatures are I prefer they continue their hunting practice across the stream in their woodland garden.  Unfortunately I have seen their paw prints in the newly fallen snow along garden paths on my side of the stream!

American Red fox animal


11 thoughts on “Not in My Garden

  1. I understand your concern esp. if you have a beloved cat or dog that might be outside unattended at times. I appreciate wildlife but give great respect to the power of its natural instincts.

    1. And I do have a Malitpoo who knows no boundaries. I’ve begun to look out the window to survey the gardens before I leave her outside. Just two weeks ago the fox was actually in the middle gardens near the house …

  2. We lost one of our cats a few weeks ago??? She was healthy and fine the day before she was missing?
    Mr. Fox….Mr. Hawk????

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