Persephone Revisited

Chris in the morning, AKA John Corbett in Northern Exposure, said it best –

“Spring is about to spring, Persephone is coming back and here in Cicely the ice is groaning and about to break with that exquisite and deafening roar… oh yes ecstasy I welcome thee…”

And indeed I do.  As the sun warms the earth in these northern latitudes a feeling of unparalleled excitement seeps   into the body of every gardener.

Climbing Rose
We take our obligatory walk through our gardens, or in my case, a walk through the ice (ans snow), and envision what is to come.  And what is to come? This year I am having a difficult time envisioning anything growing in my ice (and snow) encrusted landscape.

Our home at Valley View, the front garden
Our home at Valley View, the front garden

The terraces in the Terraced Garden have disappeared under the snow and ice as well as the distinctive inward spiral of the labyrinth. 

It is even impossible to walk to the lower garden!  I need an infusion of color!  Unlike those who tilled the earth in eons past, we do not need to rely on our memories of what once was. With a click and  paste I can recreate and share with you what is to come.  Enjoy!

Oriental Lilies

Lilacs 3 08

Asiatic Lily

Larkspur and shrub rose Elsie Mae

See the original  Persephone


5 thoughts on “Persephone Revisited

  1. beautiful flowers, yes we can just look at the photos I know it helps me through winter to do so, and to get involved in learning about new things I have not researched before, like this winter dinos was my thing, drawing them, and learning what I can about them, I know how you feel about envisioning your yard in flowr when it is buried under snow, you look like you got dumped on, we had a lot but not like that, just hang in there spring is almost here, got a taste of it yesterday with that warm sun, warmer temps and being able to sit outside for the first time since oct.

  2. LOVE your words, Bonnie. They bring hope and smiles. 🙂 And I could almost smell the lilac!! Today I was quite thrilled when I saw a couple of blades of grass in a spot where the snow finally melted.

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