Gardens Are Rainbows Too

As defined by the Bing Online Dictionary


#3 – a bright multicolored sight: an arrangement, display, or sight containing many bright colors or bright multicolored objects

An Iris kiss

Calendula - Pot Marigold

Winter Aconite

Green Milkweed Vine

Mountain Bluet Flower

Iris close-up

The Terraced Garden

Front Garden

Hope you enjoyed my garden rainbow on this Winter’s Day in the Northern hemisphere

Or if you live where summer is in full bloom walk outside and enjoy yours!


13 thoughts on “Gardens Are Rainbows Too

  1. I am struck almost speechless (ha, but only “almost”) at the sumptuous beauty portrayed in that first picture. It is a particularly stunning photo capture.

    1. I so needed it to. I spent the morning shoveling thigh high snow from our back deck so it’s weight dud t compromise the structure. The winter of 2013/2014 may be our snowiest winter ever, it’s already at number 6 and we gave a month to go!

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