How Deep Is the Snow?

After two days of shoveling out a path and another nuisance snow coming tomorrow, that is 1 to 3 inches, I walked where I could in order to gain a perspective of this season’s Nor’easter.Β 

I also wanted to remember what the gardens looked like two seasons ago and begin dreaming of what they will grow into.

Please, dream with me . . .

Potting Shed in summer
Potting Shed in summer

Potting shed in Winter
Potting Shed in Winter

Bottle Tree
Bottle Tree

Bottle Tree in Winter
Bottle Tree in Winter

Bottle Tree as viewed from the road
Bottle Tree as viewed from the road

Potting Shed garden
Potting Shed Garden

Potting Shed Garden under snow
Potting Shed garden under snow


25 thoughts on “How Deep Is the Snow?

  1. Love, love, love looking at your garden shed, etc, in all the seasons. What is the tree/shrub next to it with the brilliant yellow fall foliage?

  2. OK…I just quit feeling sorry for myself about shoveling the three inches of ice from my front walk having seen your photos. The bottle tree really gives great perspective on just how much snow you are dealing with. Do you hear Austin beckoning today????.

  3. Hmmm, I wonder when there are days continuously above 90 degrees in July and/or August, will we look at the snow pictures with the same yearning as the spring, summer, fall photos? Somehow, it’s different, isn’t it?
    However, your garden is lovely regardless of season.

    1. The greatest difference is that when its 90 and above I can still go out and work in the gardens at different times of the day. Now I can’t even get to the lower gardens because of the ice that coated the snow two weeks ago . Other than shoveling snow there is nothing I
      can do outside!

      1. I don’t drive, so I wouldn’t know, but I am sure it must be horrible. In Norway we used to go in a sleigh pulled by me cousin’s horse when it was too much snow, or sometimes just skiing or sledding. I love sledding! We didn’t like it when the roads would be cleared of snow, because we couldn’t go sledding. Oh I miss winter so much!

  4. I love your potting shed! Delightful. I don’t like snow very much and know how hard it is especially now as we all want to get going in the garden. Keep warm πŸ™‚

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