Red White and Blue

During the snow storm dubbed Maximus, I looked out the patio door and caught a glimpse of a group of birds drinking water from the storm gutter

birds House Finch and Blurbird

A moment later the Bluebird raised its head and caught the eye of the House Finch

Birds Bluebird and House Finch


14 thoughts on “Red White and Blue

  1. Birds are as beautiful as flowers in their own way.They add amazing color and interest to these long winter months. Nice moment — good photography on your part. Lovely.

    1. Thank you! I hope you don’t think we complain too much about snow, where I live the precipitation is erratic. We can go two years with no snow and other years with moderate. Thus year is going to be in our top 10 snow events and I’m not liking it a bit!

      1. Hej from Sweden! Sorry to be just getting back to you. Illness in our herd has kept me pretty occupied.
        No you are not complaining about your snow. It’s not fun when not expected. When you are not used to it, it can be a problem. I understand.

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