Crystalline Stuctures

A few days ago I longed for the colors of a warm day

But now I wake each day with anticipation and curiosity to see what is “growing” in the winter world

Every day is joyous experience if we take a moment to stop and see what surrounds us!

Crystalline Stuctures

Ice crystals growing on stalks of last season’s Goldenrod

Captured at sunrise on the way to work!

Take a moment to revisit the crystals that formed stream-side the beginning of this year

Cavern Beauty Stream-side

Replication and Its Implications

Crystalline Structures







16 thoughts on “Crystalline Stuctures

  1. These photos are incredible! They really inspire me a lot! I am so glad I visited here! Now I have to follow this amazing blog! Thank you for inspiring my day today 🙂

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