And Yet Another

The day before Maximus thundered through the valley

birds flocked to the feeders hoping to fill empty stomachs

Red-Bellied Woodpecker
Red-Bellied Woodpecker


Mourning Dove bird
Mourning Dove


8 thoughts on “And Yet Another

    1. Thank you! There is no end in sight this winter. Another is coming tomorrow 3-6 inches plus ice and there is rumbling of an event next Monday that may close down the east coast of the US 😦

      1. Oh my goodness, it’s never ending! We have been so lucky here, but on the south side of the Alps in Austria they have had about 1.5 metres of snow!

  1. I noticed you have a pre-made suet cake in there. I used to go to Meijer (or others stores with a meat department), and ask them for their suet. After a while, the individual stores changed how they processed the meat, and the pieces they got already had the suet cleaned off of it.

    BUT . . . I could order suet. I would do 25 pounds orders that would last about six to seven months. Much cheaper and less work than either buying the premade suet bricks, or making them. You do have to slice the suet yourself, but it breaks off easily when frozen.

    Oh, and nice photos.

      1. I used to, but the big chain stores (Kroger, Meijer, etc) were usually cheaper.

        However, local butchers might work out a deal if they know you will be a repeat customer for it. The suet I got from butchers often had small remnants of meat on it, which I used to trim and throw on the ground for the crows.

  2. SO pretty, Bonnie! The woodpecker shot is so crisp and clear that I feel like I am right up next to it rather than looking at a photo. Really awesome.

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