The Sumac Stand

Upon moving into the homestead we discovered a stand of sumac growing behind the house. 

Sumac Reflrctions

It was located on the steep slope between the middle and lower levels of what was to become the garden. Hoping to one day have the property registered as a wildlife habitat we allowed the sumac to grow carefully weeding out any competition. It proved to be an auspicious decision.  Not only does it add  seasonal color,

Sumac on the back slope

it provides food throughout the summer, autumn and winter months.

American robin

Downy Woodpecker

Bluebird of Happiness!


10 thoughts on “The Sumac Stand

  1. Love that shrub/tree…they’re on the protected list at our place, too. Which confuses the crew we bring in to help sometimes…most people want them GONE. If I could show them your photos, they might understand better why I say “Leave them alone!” 🙂

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