New Additions

As the vegetable garden expanded so did the varieties planted there

A twist on cabbage, Savoy


A beautiful green cauliflower, Romanesco, sometimes called Romanesco broccoli, a cross between several heirloom cauliflower varieties. We harvested our first head yesterday and it became the main ingredient in a popular English dish, Cauliflower Cheese with Leeks.

Romanesco cauliflower,

A pea tomato with tomatoes as small as the size of pearls but bursting with intense flavor


And blue potatoes, sorry, only the flowers for now! (If you look closely you will see scallions and lettuce planted in the lower terrace)

Blue Potato flowers

Remember Super Moon tomorrow night, be sure to toast the celestial event in your own way, I shall have a glass of wine in hand!


8 thoughts on “New Additions

  1. The cabbage picture is lovely, and I love the tiny tomatoes. I could eat the whole bush full. I’d love to see blue toms when they arrive. I want to try and get a picture of the super moon.

  2. Great photos.

    I particularly love the water droplets on the Savoy Cabbage.

    Sometimes I think the simplest subjects make the most beautiful images. It’s almost as though the subject takes on a much grander appearance and texture.

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