The WOW Factor

A recent trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show left me a bit empty.  I had hoped for swathes of colorful flora but instead was entertained by black umbrellas and kitchy  kitchen gardens.

Flowers by David

But as in any artistic endeavor beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I found beauty in two particular flower species, clematis and Helleborus.

Clematis by Raymond Evison

Today I ‘d like to share photographs from one presenter, Raymond Evison Clematis,


a true breath of spring on an otherwise bleak winter.

Clematis flower - 2

Floating - Clematis flower 3


9 thoughts on “The WOW Factor

  1. Lovely closeups of the clematis! I was there yesterday, loved the Evison clematis display! ‘Parisienne’ is on my must have list. I stayed away from the black umbrella display (!) but I did like the naturalistic gardens, especially the one with the greenhouse.

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