SnowDrops – A Breath of Spring in an Otherwise Bleak Landscape

Six degrees at sunrise

Temperature on February 18, 2013 8:00 AM

With coffee cup in hand I walk around the garden hoping to find something to help me remember a garden does not die but sleeps until the warmth of the sun penetrates the depths of the soil warming the roots of sleeping giants and hibernating creatures. 

Snowdrop - singular beauty

Today I am not disappointed. 

Snowdrops side by side

Although a brief squall moved through coating the garden with crystals of ice, Snowdrops greeted me with nodding blooms.

Snowdrop with an ice coating

Take a moment to view past incarnations of this diminutive plant.

Vernal Equinox, welcome spring

 January Jewels

Alternative Views – Snowdrops

Subtle Shades
Its origins are European but as with any beauty, it is endangered –  “Some snowdrop species are threatened in their wild habitats, and in most countries it is now illegal to collect bulbs from the wild. Under CITES regulations, international trade in any quantity of Galanthus, whether bulbs, live plants or even dead ones, is illegal without a CITES permit. This applies to hybrids and named cultivars as well as species. CITES does, however, allow a limited trade in wild-collected bulbs of just three species (G. nivalis, G, elwesii and G. woronowii) from Turkey and Georgia.  For further information please see

                                                                                                          Snowdrops in snow Planting – Often sold as bulbs in Home Improvement stores, Snowdrops are best planted “in the green”, by carefully subdividing clumps.   Plants will increase in size by creating offsets, new bulbs that grow attached to the mother bulb. In some instances mature seeds weight down slender stalks and germinate near the mother plant.


16 thoughts on “SnowDrops – A Breath of Spring in an Otherwise Bleak Landscape

  1. Beautiful photos. In spite of the distance and weather conditions, our Snow drops are blooming at thwe same time. Brother Clyde-Newport News, Virginia (Tidewater)

  2. 🙂 So pretty. I love when the snowdrops greet me. Mine are not quite ready. But I did discover yellow yesterday – emerging winter aconite. ……smiling…..

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