The Power of the Pyramid

A number of years ago during a lunch break I stopped at the Bethlehem Library. 

Ben Fortunado Marcune Sculpture "The Future is in the Hands of Our Children"

As I usually do I meandered my way to the gardening section and pulled out an over-sized book to look at garden pictures. I was drawn to an amazing picture of a bowling ball pyramid. Ever since I’ve dreamed and planned to have one in my garden.  I would buy the bowling balls at yard sales and frequent thrift stores.  It was not until a friend’s partner dropped off 38 bowling balls that I began to see my dream become a possibility.  Finally this past autumn I summoned up the courage to call local bowling alleys to inquire if I could have bowling balls they wanted to discard. I was given enough to complete a smaller structure that the one I had originally seen.  I  hope to continue to  grow my pyramid.  But for now … Enjoy!

Bowling balls, stone, wood and blocks all waiting for inspiration.

Beginning - bowling ball pyramid

A waiting game - bowling ball pyramid

Pyramid in the autumn an Earth Energy Design


13 thoughts on “The Power of the Pyramid

    1. They are just stacked. I thought I would need to secure them in some way, but I did not need to. We did make a triangle form to set the bottom layer into, this was for my piece of mind!

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