A Snail’s Demise

As I walked the path to the upper falls I passed through an area littered with bleached shells, the remains of an untold number of land snails.

Then something caught my attention.   Clinging to a mesquite branch, a snail, a shell?

Land snail on a mesquite branch

and then another

Land snails - 3

and another appeared.

Land Snails

Have they climbed skyward to quench their thirst in the cool morning autumn mist

Land snails -looking skyward

or have they stayed too long and lost their lives in the heat of an unusally hot December sun.

Land snails

Triumph or demise, I will never know . . .

Land snails - 2


10 thoughts on “A Snail’s Demise

  1. Wow – those are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love every one of them. What treasures you capture, Bonnie! You are an awesome nature huntress.

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