A Killing Frost

The words I dread.  The growing season is over and Autumn is here to stay,


Fields of corn have turned from green to brown and most have been harvested.

Autumn Skies

Smoke from wood fires fill the night air, darkness envelops the land at an earlier hour.

Corn Glow

I think I need to move south!

Corn – A different perspective

13 thoughts on “A Killing Frost

  1. I know….it brings such sadness…. But, there is such beauty to look forward to when spring comes once again. And I look forward to how you capture everything Bonnie.

  2. South, and West. Winter here still means brilliant sun. Yes, sometime it reflects off snow, but in contrast to Michigan, I hardly ever wear a heavy coat here, and the scenery is . . . well, I like it.

  3. Thanks for sharing the Fall photos.
    No frost here….this is maybe too far south for you! Still have cucumbers and tomatoes ripening in my garden. Turnips and the beets are coming up nicely. The lettuces are still reluctant to show much with the warm temperatures!

  4. Beautiful photos of the changing season. If you were in the South, you’d be celebrating the end of ozone red alerts, mosquitos, drought, and houses shut up tight against the heat and humidity. (And enjoying the fall garden season.)

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