Disney World From the Ground Up – UP!

The last post focused on what I observed while looking down during various outings around the “world”.

Today’s photos focus on what I saw while looking up!

Looking up inside the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge
The roof of the pool Bar
The view from our room on a rainy afternoon – Disney style!


Check out the palm trees . .


Can you see the difference? Only Disney!
Every tree is adorned with natural ornaments



5 thoughts on “Disney World From the Ground Up – UP!

    1. m daughter is an expert Disney planner. PLEASE tap into her expertise! We had the free Disney Dining, our room was upgraded 2 levels from standard to pool view, a difference of almost 100.00 a day and a free champagne toast at the opening of the Wine and Food Festival at EPCOT! She’s awesome!

      1. See, had I not accidentally clicked on the post link, I would have missed this reply (as I’m sure I missed many others). You really should allow subscriptions and reply notifications.

        As for tapping into her expertise, I can pass the info to my wife, who is the expert planner in our household. Send me something via e-mail.

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