The rays of the early morning sun illuminated the Bird’s Nest Spruce.

Intertwined within its branches an Eastern Ribbon Snake awoke early to take advantage of the sun’s warmth.

Another moment in the garden’s life!


13 thoughts on “Sunbathing

      1. On another note, once again I must share I am so pleased and excited for you on the success of your blog. I read every one but often see so many likes and comments that I often don’t comment since it seems you try to answer all of them! I love what you are doing with your photographs. You are creating a style all your own which you will be known for! Continued positive energy and good thoughts being sent your way!!!!

      2. Thank you Bonnie, I really appreciate this, it has rather gotten away from me I’m afraid, it is nice, but it is taking up a lot of time. Hopefully it will lead to something. Not sure what.

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