Mystical Magical Mantis

Every summer since my childhood years I have scoured the gardens looking for a creature that at one point in my life, was larger than my hand.

When I looked into its eyes I believed it guarded the garden and its presence assured the safety of all who entered.

I conjured up images of fairies riding these creatures after dusk.

Their ability to transform colors only added to their mystical quality.

We all need a bit of magic in our gardens!  Thank you for stopping by and sharing today’s magic!


18 thoughts on “Mystical Magical Mantis

  1. What great detail! These really do look like mythical, magical creatures… They seem to be looking at you as you take the photos, or is that just my imagination!

  2. omygod, dude, those are gorgeous! isn”t it great that theres almost ALWAYS something around for some killer macro shots 🙂 okay, maybe not ALL the time…,no…i stand by “all the time” but there are way too many variablesf for them all to come out “killer” (God, i talk too much)

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