Something Different – Bottles Hooks and Gears

This past weekend I had the opportunity to tour the Thomas Edison National Historic Park in West Orange New Jersey.

During the self-guided tour of his laboratory complex you feel a part of the creativity and inventiveness that “changed our world forever”!

The Machine Shop

The Laboratory

Letters Sent/Letters Received

Lights – Camera – Action!

Thomas Edison’s home, Glenmont Estate

Did You Know?

fruit preserverThomas Edison had 1093 patents and one of them was a way to preserve fruits and vegetables. Patent 248,431, issued March 18, 1883. It wasn’t just about phonographs, batteries, and movies.


6 thoughts on “Something Different – Bottles Hooks and Gears

  1. Very odd . . . it looks a lot (almost exactly, but probably not) like Edison’s lab in Greenfield Village (Dearborn, MI).

    Nice photos of the machines and old artifacts.

  2. I love places like this, they are so interesting and as I look at your photos I wonder what I would have done. I am inspired by your images and it has sent a new ball rolling in my head. Thanks Bonnie

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