IF you plant it They will come!

On a recent trip to Amish country I stopped at a local nursery and bought my first parsley and celery plants of the season. theirisandthelily.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/day-trippin/

With weather conditions optimal, I planted them in the garden and watched and waited.
Within three weeks it happened – a second brood, the young appeared.

I am happy to share the garden with them!

With fortuosity I will once again be present when they take flight!



16 thoughts on “IF you plant it They will come!

  1. Dear Bonnie, thank you for the pleasant tour through your lovely gardens on Saturday. The pictures are beautiful, but seeing everything up close was exquisite. I should tell you that I was so inspired by your craftmanship that I am already in the planning stage for an area in my yard that needs tending. Again, thanks for the inspiration and for the lovely afternoon at your home. Loved the wine and cheese!

  2. Reblogged this on lifemeyou and commented:
    flowers , they are the most beautiful things created. so fresh and so beautiful, they put life and love in every thing that is with them and makes it look beautiful. please do tell me , if you really have such beautiful things around you, these make life really so beautiful and lovely !!!

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