A Place to Dream

A place to create


A place to hide

A place to contemplate the meaning of life . . .



16 thoughts on “A Place to Dream

  1. Poor dog . . . what’s with the thong around its neck?

    . . . and yes, it does look like a lovely place . . . and lots of work to keep it looking nice. Nice shots.

  2. Call me old-fashioned if you like, but I much prefer these ‘nature’ shots to the heavily processed, atmospheric ones, Bonnie. Showing my age and grounding in film photography, as opposed to artistic ability, perhaps.
    Still, with or without HDR and Photoshop, I’d still like to be able to take photos as good as yours. Keep doing it 🙂

  3. Lovely setting! Funny things about sunflowers, at least when you are in a coastal fog climate, the leaves look awful (and I’m trimming them off) and the stem is covered in powdery mildew before the stunning beauty of the flowers is revealed. Glad to connect and thanks for following Late Bloomer!

  4. Is that gravel between your stepping stones, top photo? I didn’t have much luck with elfin thyme. The area doesn’t get much direct sun. I thought I might ask at a native nursery.

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