A Megalithic Park

In a small town named Bangor located just north of the Lehigh Valley there rises from the hard wood forest megaliths.

When you happen upon them as you drive down Quaker Plain Road you wonder what forces brought them here – to Northeast Pennsylvania.

The story is indeed an interesting one.

Columcille, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 1978 to promote transformation through inner and outer work. It has its origins in Casa Colum (Gaelic for Home of the Dove), a small house opened in 1975 by William Cohea Jr. as a ‘salon by the side of the road’ where ‘tired sinners and reluctant saints’ could drop by and share their experiences and ideas. Cohea had been inspired during a visit to the Isle of Iona to create an open space which welcomed people of all faiths and traditions interested in renewal and transformation.   From:  http://www.columcille.org/

Beyond the stone circle and Bell Tower are trails to walk and a labyrinth for meditation.

Look even closer and you will find delicate wildflowers.

Truly a magical place and one that has been the inspiration for my gardens!



7 thoughts on “A Megalithic Park

  1. 🙂 I am very anxious to visit Columcille. Love the pictures Bonnie – thank you for reminding me of it……and for bringing a smile to my face.

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