Nesting – Literally!

Our garden is not only a garden, it is also a registered Wildlife Habitat.

The photo is slightly out of focus because I did not want to disturb her.

I love living in harmony others who share our space.

We have many birds nesting in bushes close to our home but none are as daring as the robins.

They watch us, we watch them, and they make sure no other birds will homestead their territory!


9 thoughts on “Nesting – Literally!

  1. I love that last shot…looks like the entrance to our basement!
    For years, we had a robin’s nest in a shrub just under the laundry room window. Every year, we could watch them raise their babies…the hurricane blew it down last summer, and they didn’t rebuild. I was kinda’ sad…

  2. Oh dear Bonnie, I haven’t seen or known blue eggs… This amazing… but not robin’s, isn’t it? sorry I don’t know very well about birds… And these nest places are amazing too… Wonderful photographs… These are Robin’s nest… ? :9
    Thank you dear Bonnie, I just wonder about cats… don’t they damage to them… But I think they are standing higher… should be… With my love, nia

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