Another Exotic Woodland Flower

In the hardwood forests of  northeastern Pennsylvania nestled near the trunks of trees if you look carefully you will it.

A single flower

rising up from a single stalk

two leaves hugging the ground.

Pink Moccasin Flower, Wild Orchid

Weird – Wild – Wonderful!

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14 thoughts on “Another Exotic Woodland Flower

  1. As a young girl I would find hundreds of these in our woods. Now I need to diligently search to find one. People love to dig them out and take them home. Unfortunately they need a specific soil in order to survive. I know they are plentiful in other states but here not so much:(

  2. Bonnie, that looks like the ones we have in our woods. I checked on Monday, but nothing here yet. You got some great photos.

  3. I’m told they used to be plentiful here, as well, but I’ve not seen one in the wild. There’s a housing development a mile or two away called Ladyslipper Farm. Probably none left there, either.
    Jack-in-the-pulpit is increasingly rare too, but I know a spot where there are lots…

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