Pugalicious and Blind to Boot!

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would ever become the caretakers for a pug.

Her journey to our home was a long and winding one.  Born in Colorado, moved to Rhode Island then relocated to Pennsylvania she was an adversarial pup.  Refusing to become part of someone’s harem, she did not fit into another’s dream of breeding.  Fast forward to the pug rescue and Gizmo came home to us.

Her pet parent was an English major so Gizmo became Gertrude Stein and she settled into her new pack.

When her human mom relocated to New Mexico Gertie was part of a trio.  We all agreed she could not be separated.

But time continues.  Julie passed,

Maddie lost her mind and Gertie became blind.

Now we play musical dogs as Maddie has decided she wants to be the only living dog in the house.

So Gertie stays close. At any given moment we know where she is. (And so does Maddie!)  Be careful what you sign up for!



10 thoughts on “Pugalicious and Blind to Boot!

  1. i love dogs. Used to have 12 of them in a huge house, but now that we changed the country where we live in and so the we shifted to an apartment, there was no way any of them could come with us. So we left it to our garden workers. Pretty sad… but what can I say, we gotta move on [:

  2. Oh that is so sad. We had two cats, and then about 12 months ago, after having them for many years, they started fighting all the time. We took them to the vet and did everything we could think of, eventually one had to go. She has found a new home and from what we can tell is very very happy. I hope it all goes well.

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