How Does the Garden Grow

With Bachelor Buttons and Parrot Tulips . . .

Names help us envision gardens filled with Alice in Wonderland flowers,

populated with faces of fanciful creatures, colors of ocean currents

and candy canes.

Thank you for stopping by the garden to see what’s blooming! 

Tomorrow Parrot Tulips!


17 thoughts on “How Does the Garden Grow

  1. That’s a euphonious phrase: “faces of fanciful creatures.” It’s good to let the imagination wander—as if we could keep it from doing so even if we wanted to.

    The bachelor buttons are kin to a native Texas species, the basket-flower, whose “baskets” I’ve seen beginning to take shape in Austin this week.

    1. My daughter keeps telling me she has moved to paradise! You are so fortunate to live in the hill country. Warm nights, beautiful flowers, friendly people, you guys appear to have it all!

  2. WOW! What a beautiful flowers dear Bonnie… I fall in love with them… The last two seemed to me like dancing… So beautiful. You did great shots. Thank you, with my love, nia

  3. We call that blue flower “cornflower” here. Mine is not flowering yet, although my tulips are well in bloom. The close-up of your cornflower is fabulous Bonnie. Absolutely fabulous.

  4. I think I can aptly describe my feeling of your blog as my periodic escape to wonderland. Love it Bonnie! Just gorgeous. Especially the ant on the closed blossom of the bachelor button. That is quite enchanting.

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