The setting sun reminds us there is more than green to a forest landscape.



15 thoughts on “Illumination

  1. Beautiful, Bonnie. You captured the very feeling I had looking at my own woods yesterday evening…
    (I was feeding dinner to a cranky granddaughter at the time, so photographing it was out of the question!)

  2. The first photo is so peaceful and entices me to step into the woods and explore. The second one is beautifully warm and lush, yet strangely not so enticing. Not sure which I prefer, but think this is a really interesting idea! Lovely!

  3. The first photo is real; the second, surreal. The first is what most see, the second, what some might perceive. The first is acceptance, the second, change. The first photo is diffused by the sunlight, the second, infused by imagination. Gosh, I don’t know where all that came from. 🙂 Both great photos, Bonnie.

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