The Tree On Cemetery Hill – New Growth

GROWTH – an increase in some quantity over time.

Today I saw a red slider turtle, one I had not seen for 6 weeks.  It had doubled in size during my absence.

Today I held a newborn.  As I held him in my arms I realized he weighed less than my pug.

The turtle increased in weight, the child, our population.

As I stood under the tree on Cemetery Hill I examined with anticipation its new growth.

What I once thought was a maple is most definitely a nut, perhaps a black walnut.

A new year, a new cycle, a new ring.


10 thoughts on “The Tree On Cemetery Hill – New Growth

    1. The infant clinched it! He was literally thrown into my arms at the shelter when I told the mom she had to wash the chocolate covered hands and face of her 3 year old before going into the playroom!

  1. Your examples of growth have set me thinking. I think we tend to examine what we lose more than what is gained in such simple things and short spans of time when growth and gain are around us all the time. Thanks for this post 🙂

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