Hidden Within – A Photographic Journey of Discovery

Tending to the garden had taken all but work time. Maddie and I had not been able to take our neighborhood walk for over a week.  Our window of opportunity was quickly closing. The warm temperatures that had overtaken the valley were pushing back the cold front that was destined to march through. I could see it approaching in the distance. 

But Maddie was ready to go.  So after putting on her leash we trudged to the top of the hill.  Our first stop was under the Cemetery tree with the intend to overlook the valley below.  It is interesting how you see right past what has always been there.  I had never taken notice of the silos from this vantage point.


I was so intrigued that when I reached the silos I again stopped to photograph the area.

While taking photos of the mechanical nature of the silo

I couldn’t help but capture the violet and fern.

Noticing the door directly above them I had to see what was inside.  I am still amazed at the sight!  Ferns!

Hundreds and hundreds!!

Looking up I realized that without a roof this had become the perfect environment for ferns to flourish.

I also realized the front had descended upon us and the rains had begun.  Life finds a way! Enjoy!

I believe these to be Shield ferns.




8 thoughts on “Hidden Within – A Photographic Journey of Discovery

  1. Love those photos of the inside of silo! It looks like a totaly different world there! Great colors, contrasts and graphic! Love that with violetes and ferns too!. Every photo in the post is like with a little story to tell.

  2. LOVE this post Bonnie! Your photos and words are beautiful. And the nature built fernery from man’s discarded and fogotten structure…………….how very awesome!

  3. Those silos look really amazing. Obviously not used anymore, but do you know what they were used for originally. Three silos all different. I love that first image.

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