An Exotic Pennsylvania Wildfower

Jack in the Pulpit

Each spring the forest floor becomes a stage for the wild, weird and beautiful.

Arisaema triphyllum never disappoints.

There is amazing beauty in its weird and wild ways.

History and folklore  from:  //

One account from the Meskwaki Indians states that they would chop the herb’s corm and mix it with meat and leave the meat out for their enemies to find. The taste of the oxalate would not be detectable because of the flavored meat, but consuming the meat reportedly caused their enemies pain and death. They also used it to determine the fate of the sick by dropping a seed in a cup of stirred water; If the seed went around four times clockwise, the patient would recover, if it went around less than four times they would not.[1]





7 thoughts on “An Exotic Pennsylvania Wildfower

  1. Don’t they look like some alien life form? Wonderful shots of both form and color. I’ve only seen them once in NC – I guess it gets too hot for them to thrive where I live.

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