Dreaming of Violets

Last night I had a dream that I was Shopping  at a quasi grocery store
( you know dreams!)

and wanted to purchase thyme.

I picked up a container and in it was a white violet plant.  I thought how odd that you could buy a white violet plant at the grocery store.  Sorry, no white violets today but a beauty just the same! Happy Sunday!


13 thoughts on “Dreaming of Violets

    1. Thank you, what would we do without out web? I can’t imagine life without it! BTW, I so loved your photo of the boats. Thought it would be fabulous in a beach house, not that I have one lol.

  1. Love the first picture the most! Purple is a beautiful color, and tell me… isn’t it tough sometimes to handle a garden? There is always something to do around, doesn’t it get out of control to manage time with it?

  2. You take some really great photos. 🙂 It’s great that you can capture all the fleeting beauty of every season to then look at any time you’d like.

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