Totally Tulips

I have always admired drifts of tulips. Every fall I make a commitment to plant a hundred tulips only to realize it’s December and not one bulb has been added to the garden. But last autumn this was not the case.

The expansion of the front garden became the perfect planting area for my drift of tulips.

Fire colors of red, yellow and orange  greet every passing traveler

and compliment the Chartreuse shades of the Creeping Jenny and Gold Tread Cypress.

As the sun warms the air the tulips respond by opening their petals to reveal layers of color.

Another dream realized! Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share the garden with you!


16 thoughts on “Totally Tulips

  1. The tulips look stunning. I love all the colours. We have to put our bulbs in the fridge for about 6 weeks to be able to grow them here, our ground doesn’t get cold enough. I wish I could have a display like yours.

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