In Out and Back Again

Life has been a roller coaster. Our oldest daughter has been down this hall before. 

A ruptured appendix and now complications.

Trying to keep a calm demeanor and a clear mind I focus on what is around me.

I look east

I look west

and return to her room.

Positive energy, prayers, all are welcome.  Thank you . . .


12 thoughts on “In Out and Back Again

    1. Good morning and thank you life is crazy! I had wanted to tell you that I have trouble opening your blogs that always seem to shut down my application don’t know why also I am curious did this post come through to your email? I have them sent to mine and this didn’t come through

      Sent from my iPhone

      1. Hey Bonnie – I don’t get yours in email, but I’ve had trouble with posts not showing up in my ‘Following’ feed lately. I’ve had to unfollow and then re-follow to fix it, and missed a bunch of stuff in the process.
        Got no answers about it crasing your app; I’m not terribly good at tech stuff.

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