I’ve Looked At Clouds

Up drafts – thermals,  down drafts – condensation

atmospheric convergence — divergence

CLOUDS   To experience a moment of beauty look up . . .


13 thoughts on “I’ve Looked At Clouds

  1. Thanks for sharing…makes me think back to the days of lying on your back and watching the clouds go by – we would look for faces, objects and so on in the various cloud shapes…such simple and enjoyable days.

  2. Gorgeous Bonnie! The second one made me gasp – stunning. If we forget to take in the beauty around us as we go through our busy lives, we merely need to take a moment to look at your blog and we won’t miss it. Thank you for all of the times you allow me to start my day with a smile.

  3. …..from both sides now,
    From up and down, and still somehow,
    It’s cloud illusions I recall,
    I really don’t know clouds, at all…..

  4. Great photography! Thanks for reminding us to look at the beauty that surrounds us! This reminds me to look up some pictures that I took of thunder clouds in Iowa a couple years ago. Beautiful!

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