The Unlocking

From Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

I had heard it suggested one time that the seasons in the temperate zone ought to be six rather than four in number: summer, autumn, locking, winter, unlocking, and spring. And I remembered that as I straightened up beside our manhole and stared and listened and sniffed.

Too many years ago to count I had the amazing opportunity to hear Kurt Vonnegut speak at Moravian, a local university.The audience sat on the gym bleachers and he stood on the court as he reminisced about life. What I remember most was his story of the 6 seasons.

He elaborated more than what was written in Cat’s Cradle.  It was March, he was from the northeastern part of the United States and March meant mud, The Unlocking.

So many things I experience or see during the month preceding Spring reminds me of that moment in time.

In Eastern  Pennsylvania in  March, Gaia unlocks.  Enjoy!


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