Another Year, Another View

Ten days shy of a year I am once again taking photos of Reticulata,otherwise known as Dwarf Iris.

I began this blog with the intention of journaling the changes and growth of the garden at Valley View.

The iris today.

One year later I am still journaling, but my journal encompasses more than the garden, it encompasses the world I live in and move through.

This blog encourages me to look at life from various perspectives.

What was once a flower is now a work of art.

Something to be viewed through a new filter.

Hope you enjoyed the alternative perspective of the iris!Ā  Have a lovely Sunday!


23 thoughts on “Another Year, Another View

  1. I like the different perspectives very much. I have two of these iris which “appeared” a few years ago (probably as a result of a squirrel foraging neighbouring gardens!), and one flowered yesterday!

    1. Cathy – I’d love to hear how you trained your squirrels to not only shop for your spring bulbs, but to plant them as well! Perhaps they could offer training classes and I will send my squirrels. I have yet to see any of the red tulips that they took out of my big pot a few years ago. šŸ™‚

  2. The journaling is a fantastic thing to do. I love seeing the photos of your garden, as well as what is around you. You have similar interests to me, well except for the circle and triangle thing.
    The iris’s look beautiful. They are one of my favourite flowers.

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