A Sunshine Flower

Coltsfoot – another herald of spring in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Often before the mighty dandelion appears in yards and fields,

the yellow petals of the coltsfoot flower attract insects which have braved freezing nights to bask in the sunshine on this tiny yellow disk.

An introduced species, naive to Europe and Asia, coltsfoot is reputed to have medicinal properties.

For those interested in learning more,   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tussilago_farfara

Enjoy your day!


18 thoughts on “A Sunshine Flower

  1. Ooh! I LOVE coltsfoot! Beautiful photos – lovely light. When I see coltsfoot I know spring is here… haven’t seen any yet this year though…

  2. I’d have to check, but there is a plant in my front flower bed which has come up every year, and looks a lot like it.

    I hope that’s it, because I’ve been trying to figure out what it was since I moved in here.

    Thank you for solving one of the things that resurfaces every year (get it? resurfaces . . . never mind) in our somewhat shortened spring season.

      1. It doesn’t happen here, I think there isn’t enough difference in the seasons. We did see it in Denmark, we went to the park on the first beautiful sunny day after winter and the park was filled with people in their underwear sunbaking, very strange.

  3. Miss Bonnie – when we first started visiting with each other, you mentioned that my blog made you smile…. I’m going to give that back to you…. My immediate response this morning when I opened your post was to smile…I couldn’t help it!

    Thank you for a pretty Saturday! 🙂


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