Barn Doors

I have taken photos of our aging barn in months past.

Construction began before the turn of the twentieth century and was completed in the year 1900.

Four families have called this homestead home.

As in  all things, there is beauty in the aging process. Be it the graying of hair or the decaying of wood if you take a moment to look you will see yourself reflected in the images.

Come back, soon we will walk through the door! 


23 thoughts on “Barn Doors

  1. I compulsively take photos of old doors. These are wonderful. I particularly like the contrasting textures of the metal hinges and hasps with the ancient wood grain. How lovely to live amidst history.

  2. Such beautiful old wood, captured perfectly. I need a barn. And a garden shed. ……..until that time comes, I am so happy to enjoy yours Bonnie! Especially through your lens and your words……….. love it!

  3. I love doors also. We went to Europe and I took lots of pictures of interesting doors. I would wonder about all the people who passed through them! I also love old barns.

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