Beauty in the Bones

To everything – There is a season
And a time for every purpose under heaven

There is a beauty in the cycle of life. There would be no birth if it were not for death.

To respect what has gone before is to respect the life that is now.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the cycle goes on and on . . .

Thank you for stopping and taking a moment to reflect of this animal’s life!


22 thoughts on “Beauty in the Bones

  1. I love it! My heart used to skip a beat when I was out wandering the hills in Colorado and I would come across a deer antler, or a mouse or ground squirrel skeleton. There’s something almost sacred and certainly “circle of life” awesome about it. I realized this even more when I found an antler that had been gnawed on by some tiny creature in search of nourishing minerals.

    Such beautiful photos…the colors and the content. Very nice, Bonnie. 🙂

    1. I know! My earliest memory of finding an antler was in Zion National Park when I was nine. I remember the meadow and picking up something I though was a branch and it was an antler. I still have it!

  2. Is it possible that we are siblings separated at birth? I love finding bones – which no longer happens as I’m now a city dweller. When I lived in a very rural area, I spent almost six months watching an animal that died just off the road that I walked every day return to the earth. It took about six months for there to be nothing left but bones. It was amazing to watch this transmutation of matter from one state to the next. The bones were so like sculpture at the end. These photos of life becoming another kind of life make me feel awe when I look at them.

    1. Oh no, I just did the same thing this past winter. A deer had died just off the loop road I walk with Maddie. Every time I passed I would look to see it’s state of decay. I had wanted to photograph it but thought others might think me too morbid.

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