Crop Circles

Spoiler alert! – this is not a post about the mystical circles found throughout the English countryside, but a post about the circles found within the natural world.

Whether you look up

or down, you’ll find the circular shape replicated again and again.

Circles may be as massive as the sun or as minute as the spider’s eyes.

You find them in every shade of every color.

An insight into the natural world or an insight into the soul of creation, circles abound.

Just look into the eyes of someone you love and you will find a circle!

For those who have young children take them on a circle walk. Encourage them to count the number of circles they discover during their journey. You’ll be amazed to see the world through their eyes!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


18 thoughts on “Crop Circles

  1. I’ve yet to capture a cone flower like that, with the petals half open. I did not even know they did that, as I’ve always seen them either before or after. I guess I never gave a thought to them opening in that way as opposed to just opening from top to bottom.

    And I like the tendrils. We have a couple of clematis plants, and while they don’t open like that, they do wind around everything they touch. I should document this summer.

  2. lovely. the mushroom reminds me of my undergrad days when we used to roam around forests looking for various mushrooms 🙂

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